21. okt. 2013

Before I die

I'm that kind of person that makes lists over things, and I'm pretty sure that's the reason for all my "before I die" lists. I have made a lot on my previous blogs, in my diaries, and now, here. As you can see, there's both small and big wishes. Unfortunately I doubt all of this will actually happen, but these are a few of my dreams. Maybe some of yours as well?

The first one is basically on every list; visit as many places as possible all around the world. I love to travel, and I love to see new places. I just think it's great fun to experience new stuff. If it wasn't for the money, I'm sure I'd already been to a lot of places.

Go on a cruise because honestly, who doesn't want to go on a cruise? Party on a cruise? Relax on a cruise?....

Have a summer romance. Well, this speaks for itself.

Help children or animals in need. I like to think that I could make a change in some way. I would love to help both children and animals that need it, either they're sick or poor. Helping someone in general makes me happy, so that would be perfect.

Study in another country. I have always wanted to study in London for some reason. I'm not sure if this is going to happen, but if I don't study there, I would at least get to work and live there for a few years. But who knows, maybe I'll end up in a completely different country?

Get a tattoo. I want a small tattoo with a lot of meaning. I'm not sure of what, but I've been thinking about getting a cute, small tattoo of one of my mottos; everything happens for a reason. But I'm not sure yet... Time will show!

Meet all of the members in One Direction. As a few of you might know, I'm a huge One Direction fan. As clishé as it may sound, they are like angels to me, but without wings. Hero's is probably a better word. Five boys that dragged me up when I was down and when no one else cared. A lot of days they are the reason I'm smiling, and I know it may sound crazy to some of you, but I think everyone deserves that one band or person that has this effect on you. That makes you cry, smile and laugh. If it wasn't for these five boys I have no idea where I would be today.

Go to Madame Tussauds. Just because I think it would be fun to experience, and I love to see new places and attractions.

Attend a masquerade ball or just a real prom in general. Where I live, the proms are more like a party, not a 'prom prom'. I would love to go to a prom with a real prom dress and a date.

Road trip with friends. As I said I want to travel all around the world, and what would be better than to do it with friends?

Meet all of my online-friends. I have a twitter fan account that I'm not going to name here, because that's just awkward. But I talk to a lot of people from all around the world almost every day, and a few of them I've gotten real close to. They know me a lot better than a lot of people here do, and I would just love to get to meet them someday..

Experience Halloween in the US. Do I really have to say more? Norway doesn't have a culture for Halloween. Kids dress up and ask for candy. It's only a very few house that actually decorates their homes, and you usually stop trick or treating somewhere between 12-15.

Watch a musical in London. I love traveling, I love experiencing new things, I love music, I love theatre and I love musicals. This is something I really, really want to do.

See gay marriage legalize all around the world. In some countries it's already legalized, but that's not enough when some people don't accept it. Equality is a very important subject for me, and it has always been that way. If you ever want to discuss gay rights, you probably wouldn't do it with me because I'll never let you go until you realize I'm right! ;)

And of course, make a lot of memories. This is just a few of the things I want to do, there is of course a whole lot more! Some of these things are probably not going to happen, but a girl is allowed to dream, right?
What do you want to do before you die? 

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  1. Jeg har så lyst til masse, og veldig mye av det samme som deg. Men en ting i alle fall sikkert, og det er at jeg skal reise mye :)

  2. aww, så utrolig masse flotte og supre mål :D vil masse jeg ja!
    Gifte meg, få barn, bli lektor, elsker jobben min, reise masse osvosv :D
    xx Siri

  3. Så herlig innlegg ! Noe av det samme jeg også må oppleve !!

  4. Många utav de där sakerna vill jag göra, andra har jag hunnit göra :)

    Sv: Tusen tack :) Jag gillar den t-shirten jättemycket :)

  5. amazing list!:) spontaneous road trip sounds great!♥


  6. What a great list of things to do, I think I agree with like most of this. But you know what, believe in your dreams and don't let anyone step on them or tear them from you. These are your dreams and who said it can't happen? Life always brings us what we wants the most, we only have to persue them and really believe in it.

    I really wanna go to Nashville and experience CMA fest.. and a Lady Antebellum concert on their "home base". I also want to be a part of myLIFEspeaks organization in Haiti!

  7. Before I die, I will make sure that my life is worth living <3

  8. Reise verden rundt, og tilbringe masse tid med musikk på festivaler og konserter :)

  9. Åh, vil masse av det samme! Jeg vil studere og bo et eller flere år i London, bo i NY, gifte meg/møte mannen i mitt liv, dra til Afrika, og maaasse annet :)

  10. Skal gjøre mye av det samme, og har allerede gjort noe :D

  11. I want to visit all continents too!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  12. Excellent to have so much wishes....you're alive and it's good

  13. åh, vil masse av de samme!

  14. Ååå, jeg har så lyst til å gjøre mye av det samme jeg også!! Ååågh, for et liv jeg hadde hatt hvis jeg hadde vært rik! :P

  15. Så mange herlige ting du vil gjøre! Jeg vil gjøre mye av det samme, men noe jeg SKAL gjøre i løpet av livet mitt er å hoppe i fallskjerm :-D

  16. Utrolig morsomt og ispirerende innlegg, jeg fikk lyst til å gjøre mye av det samme jeg også!