29. aug. 2013

Star pattern

I doubt that you actually wanted to know, but if you did wonder; my bracelet says "I  Liam" and yes, I am talking about Liam Payne from One Direction. My baby is 20 years old today! Lol, sorry for my weirdness. 
Hey babes!

Today I had one of those days where absolutely nothing would cooperate with me. First of all I changed my outfit a billion of times because nothing looked good.. Then I didn't manage to do my make up properly, especially not my eyebrows, and just to top it off; my hair all out of a sudden looked dirty and weird. Good day? No. Okay, my day wasn't that bad, that was only me actually. I didn't have to go to school until 2pm! Though we had absolutely nothing to do until me and Linn went to a show for kids(to write an article) at 5pm. The past couple of days have not been normal days for me, because we are writing articles, taking pictures and making videos to cover up a festival here in my city. 

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